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THERMOFILL™ Ground Sealer

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd have been making and supplying lightweight foam concrete in Christchurch for multiple uses for over 20 years. ‘THERMOFILL™’ is a trademark name for a system of sealing the ground beneath your wooden floor home to stop rising damp.

Rising damp can be a major contributor to poor health causing respiratory issues like asthma. Your home can also suffer being water logged with dampness causing mold, Mildew and rot as well as musty smells in the wardrobe and personal belongings being ruined after storage in a damp location of the house.

Another common misconception and about the time we often get a call is when ceiling insulation has been installed then window condensation increases. This is due to rising damp being further trapped in your home than before. Attack rising damp from the source – seal the ground.

We offer free measure and quote in Christchurch with no obligations.

The process is pouring a layer of flowable self leveling lightweight foam concrete over the ground beneath your wooden floor to seal off rising damp.

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  Stop Mould & Mildew
  Reduce Heating Bills
  Cost Effective Permanent Solution to Rising Damp
  Free Consultation/Quotes

Click here to view the THERMOFILL™ Branz Appraisal document