10 Edison Place, Bromley
Christchurch, New Zealand

Void Filling

Overview of Void Filling using Foam Concrete.

Foam Concrete is an ideal void filling product being flowable enough to get into very small voids and light enough to equal an existing ground density or just heavy enough to displace water. As the density can be varied depending on the application there are many possibilities.

Fissures & Tunnel Gullies.

Canterbury Foam Concrete have carried out multiple void filling jobs such as fissures and tunnel gullies over the years for Christchurch City Council as well as for private land owners.

Voids under foundations.

Since the Christchurch earthquakes many dwellings have suffered ground settlement which has left voids under the foundations and floor caused by ground settlement. Foam Concrete has been an ideal cost effective way to fill these voids to re-support the foundation and floor. Other foundations have also been lifted and re-levelled. Canterbury Foam Concrete has been able to supply a fast, simple, clean, eco-friendly and cost effective solution to filling the voids.